3 Nets of Kiln Dried Softwood Logs


A handy, net bag of softwood logs cut into open fire and stove friendly sizes.

Logs Direct softwood is kiln dried and officially Ready to Burn. Our softwood is usually a mix of conifers (pine, fir, spruce and cedar) from sustainably managed woodlands.

Softwood tends to be a lower density than hardwood (i.e. the same size log will be lighter), because of this, softwood burns a little faster but is much easier to light so if you are looking for a fire that is easy to start and gives you lots of flame and heat ,then softwood is a really good option . Softwood has become really popular as many people are simply looking for good dry wood that gives you a great fire quickly, that exactly what you will receive from our best quality UK manufactured softwood logs.

The softwood turning into a more ordered product due to the lack of hardwood in the country and with its quick growing time it is very friendly to the environment and the main of the tree planting schemes are softwood ones.

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