Impact Professionl Woodscrew Csk ZYP


  • Ideal for use with Impact Drivers!
  • Pozi recessed head for industry standard fit
  • Ribbed double countersunk for a flush finish
  • Hardened steel for high torque loads
  • Milling shank helps clear hole in fixture
  • Part threaded from 40mm to eliminate jacking of fixture
  • Double type 17 point for immediate start in all timbers
  • Zinc and yellow passivated for corrosion resistance
  • Driver bit included in each box
  • Click here for more information about Impact Woodscrews
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Screw Size

3.5 x 16mm, 3.5 x 20mm, 4.0 x 25mm, 4.0 x 30mm, 4.0 x 40mm, 4.0 x 50mm, 4.0 x 70mm, 4.0 x 80mm, 5.0 x 100mm, 5.0 x 50mm, 5.0 x 60mm, 5.0 x 70mm, 5.0 x 80mm, 5.0 x 90mm, 6.0 x 100mm, 6.0 x 150mm, 6.0 x 180mm, 6.0 x 200mm


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