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Here at ALS Trading, our shed department is going from strength to strength, with demand for our high-quality sheds growing no end!  All our sheds are built 100% by us, ensuring the highest quality and full customisation service, if you can think it, we can make it!

Construction of our Standard Sheds
45x38mm Pressure treated, planed framing,
14mm Pressure Treated Shiplap
18mm OSB3 Floor
11mm OSB3 Roof

All our buildings come as standard, lined with a breathable membrane to prevent moisture entering, and allow the shed to breathe!

Shedbuilder is a great start, but if you have more complex requirements or want a custom build get in touch and we can tailor you a bespoke quote


Width (4ft - 16ft)
Depth (3ft - 12ft)
Square Foot Total
Size Cost


Style: Apex
  • Dutch Barn
  • Pent sheds feature a single slope, with the highest point located on the wall that has the door usually. Pent sheds offer a more evenly distributed internal height as the roof doesn’t lower on each side, while the pent style roof gives a modern and stylish appeal

    An apex roof has two slopes that meet right down the middle. Apex sheds are a common feature of most gardens, offering a well-loved, timeless appearance to your wooden shed, whilst . Still, everything boils down to your preference.

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Door: Single
  • Our Standard Single Door is 30" wide, consisting of ledge & brace construction. Can be hinged either side. Glazed Doors available on request (POA)

    Double doors are ideal if storing larger items, giving a 48” opening, also allowing more light in when open.

Keyed Lock Door: No
  • No
  • Yes
  • All our sheds come as standard with a padbolt, that can be fitted with a padlock of your choice if wanted, along with thumbturns top & bottom to prevent warping.

    Keyed Locks are one of our new Premium Options, giving you, an extra layer of security and ease of opening, utilising the Gate-Pro system. These are latched on rear, so that you can’t ever get locked in!

Window(s): No
  • No
  • No windows provide greater security, ideal for storage sheds.

    0-3 Standard Windows are included. Standard Windows are 500x500mm polycarbonate. We also offer glass alternatives, as well as various other sizes/styles. If you require more please detail within the additional information section at the end

Base Installed: No
  • No
  • Yes
  • A Base is not necessary, when installation site is already suitable, consisting of a firm and level area, for example concrete, tarmac or gravel. If not sure, please get in touch with us for advice.

    When ground is unsuitable, whether it be uneven or a soft surface, it may affect the quality of your new shed! We offer a timber studwork bases, on legs where necessary, to create a suitable site for your new shed!

Roofing: Felt
  • Standard Felt
  • Ultrapol Felt (the most flexible on the market): This is our standard roof covering, providing a cost-effective solution. It is quick and easy to install! It comprises of a bitumen backing and mineral topping.

    38Kg Felt: Like the 29kg felt, this option offers a thicker felt, for longer lasting protection

    A new addition for 2017, is our Premium Roofing Shingles, boasting a 10 Year Guarantee! These add a stylish touch to your outdoor buildings, offered in 3 colours (Black, Green, Red), with a hexagonal pattern!

Cladding: Shiplap
  • Our standard option, offering a 14mm finish, with a scalloped shape

    Our premium option, offering a 18mm finish thickness, with a convex curved profile, offering superior protection, and a classy appearance,

Installation: No
  • Delivery Only: We will deliver everything you need to install the shed yourself, including fixings, roofing and facias. We will also talk you through process briefly.

    Fully Fitted: Shed will be installed and fully completed by our professional team, all you have to do is enjoy it!



Your Custom Shed

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*All prices are to be confirmed upon purchase

Terms and Conditions


Always check there are no overhanging branches or leaves above your building, this can wear away the felt or break off and damage the roof. Check you have no puddles collecting under your building. Oil all hardware on a regular basis. Your timber building is made from pressure treated timber, your timber building is protected against rot and insect attack. We recommend you seal your building with a waterproof sealant. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the building is water tight. Also, gutters should be fitted, this stops drips of water being blown on to the building and also splash backs onto the bottom of your building.

Deposit/payment in full: A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of order and full payment must be received within 24 hours of installation. All buildings are the property of ALS Trading Ltd until full payment is received and can be reclaimed at any time.

Bases: It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the ground under any base i.e. concrete bases, platform bases, etc. is firm enough to support the weight of the base and the building. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their completed base is 100% flat, level, solid and of adequate size to fully support the building – Sizes quoted are for the floor area. All concrete bases or slab bases must not have any shallow or raised areas. We require a minimum of 12” clearance around the building to allow for the roof overhang and fitting of all components. Bases will elevate your building. It is the customers responsibility to work out all height restrictions and take full responsibility for any planning issues. ALS Trading Ltd will not be held responsible for any problems arising due to faulty base work constructed by the purchaser.

Platform Bases: Platform bases will only be installed on ground deemed suitable by ALS Trading Ltd, and carry an additional cost.

Bearer Bases: Our floors are manufactured with tanalised bearers which will sit on concrete or slab bases perfectly and this will give a dry air flow under your building.

Access: All items must go around your property not through it. If necessary, and in order to accommodate, please remove fence panels or any obstructions. (i.e. over hanging tree limbs, arches, wires or gutters etc.). If going through gates, there must be no arches, bars or lintels above. Remember some items are very heavy and normally there are only two people on each van. Our fitters are employed to erect your building and not rectify your base or access problems. If you have any worries, please call us for a free site visit.

Delivery Only: All buildings sold for delivery only will be delivered to the front of the premises. Please ensure there is a flat level area for the building to be stacked on. You must protect the building from bad weather.

Delivery and Erection: Please advise of any difficulties e.g. overhead obstructions, walls, hedges, satellite dishes, brick archways, overhead cables, etc. prior to the delivery date. The erection service will be void if we cannot deliver and erect at the same time, this will result in the goods being stacked adjacent to the delivery site. Erection fee will not be refunded. If your building is erected in the rain or damp conditions, you must ensure you leave adequate ventilation to allow the building to dry. Failing to ventilate the building whilst timbers are drying out can cause condensation or mould to occur. This will produce drips of water inside the building, which can be mistaken for leaks. Condensation will also occur on the inside of the windows. Leave windows and doors open to air the building on fair weather days. Never use a heater this can cause the building to dry out too quickly and cause cracks and warping, especially the roof.

Delivery Dates: Dates given are only a guide and may change depending on circumstances beyond our control (i.e. Breakdowns, Accidents and Adverse weather conditions).

Roof Covering: Mineral Felt is supplied as our standard roofing, with upgrade options available (thicker felt or shingles). ALS Trading Ltd hold no responsibility for damage or lifting of roof coverings due to adverse weather conditions following installation by our fitters.

Specification: Specifications stated will be adhered to as far as possible, but the company reserves the right to make any alterations which may be necessary or advantageous. We cannot be held responsible for variations in colour of treated timber. Timber will naturally bleach in the sun and an even colour will occur.

Planning: It is the customers sole responsibility to check with their local planning authority regarding planning permission for their building being erected. Any planning restrictions must be brought to our attention at time of order and be noted.

Maintenance: Please remember you will need future access to all sides of your building to maintain and treat as required. Pressure treated timber is porous and requires waterproofing regularly. All timber buildings will require regular maintenance and re-coating with waterproofing paint. It is the customers responsibility to maintain and treat their building. Doors and windows may need to be unscrewed, re-aligned and re-fixed as wood shrinks and expands, this is normal.

Waterproofing: ALS Trading Ltd do not supply waterproofed buildings. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the building is water tight.

Accessories: Any accessories (Ventilation Vents, Gutters etc.) that are fitted by us will be fitted in accordance with our company policy and positioned advantageously to the company. Once accessories are fitted they cannot be moved by our fitters. After Installation some adjustment may be necessary due to building movement, this is the customers responsibility.

Guarantee: Buildings purchased from ALS Trading Ltd are guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing and installation defects. Your guarantee will be void if our personnel do not erect the building or if the customer modifies the building (internally or externally) or the customer fails to maintain the building correctly. ALS Trading Ltd cannot be held responsible for shrinkage, knot holes and movement in the building. Timber is a natural product and may be up to 6m long, which can cause some of the timbers to twist, crack and warp which is beyond our control and is easily fixed with filler. Once filled, sanded and stained, you should have many years of enjoyment.

Faults/Defects: ALS Trading Ltd are entitled to a reasonable period of time to rectify any faults/defects. ALS trading Ltd will not reimburse you if you choose to rectify any defects yourself or if you appoint a 3rd party to carry out repairs on your behalf.

Complaints: Customer complaints require photographic evidence emailed to [email protected]

Disclaimer: ALS Trading Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to any property, drives, fixtures, fittings, garden ornaments and plants whilst delivering the building(s). Although all buildings are checked upon completion, it is the customers responsibility to take care around the building for nails, screws, metal or splinters as some may be missed.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.